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high service, flexibility, and Low trade prices.



We sell only 100% original A-brands perfumes, we keep emphatically distance of counterfeit fragrances!

IS everybody welcome?

Yes, provided that you have a company with a valid commercial register and VAT number.

What is the minimum order size?

The minimum order size is €1000,- Don't worry you can also order less, only the handling costs will be higher.
Products can be ordered per piece. Please notice : We will not sell more than 100 quantities per item.

How to sign in as a customer/download price list

On the sign up page you can sign in as a customer.
Once the application is processed, you will get a notification email that you can log in on the website and download the price list.

What are the shipping cost/delivery time.

The price depends on where it should be sent to, please inform us about this. 

The package is sent by registered mail. Delivery time is 5 to 15 business days. 

How does ordering works?

On the price list you can put directly behind the products how much amount you will like, when it is completed you can return the price list to us.
We will send you an offer with the specification of the products and the total amount.
As soon as you transferred the total amount to us, we will take you order in handling.
If the order has been shipped, you will receive a message.

Other questions?

For all other questions we are pleased to refer you to our contact page.
Don't hesitate yourself to ask us any questions.


About us.

EeriCo is a young and dynamic company that last year put the market of perfumes in more detail. We form with two ladies and one gentleman the backbone of Eerico. If necessary, we hire external expertise in order to broaden our knowledge.

Our price list is based on the given market research. It offers you as a consumer attractive propositions, because we have several European suppliers of cosmetics and perfumes.

Currently, we are even trying for our regular users to set up a subscriber service, making it possible via WhatsApp to inform your order each month.

Service is for us of paramount importance, whereby we ever be able to react flexibly to the wishes of the customer.

It seems to us an excellent opportunity to put this in practice.

We will see your request or application in the near future.


Below you can see an example of brands, perfumes and prices,

which we offer in our assortment.








Viktor &Rolf.




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Please Notice: send the filled in order list to : orders@eerico.com

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Dior - Sauvage
Thierry Mugler - Aura
Tom Ford - Noir extreme
Chloe - Chloe
Lancome - la vie est belle